Control discord bots

Written by Benny Jacobs

Bots acting

Control discord bots as a regular user. logo lets you control webhook bots. logo lets you control full discord bots if you have a bot token. Very limited support for the numerous things bots can do.

Bots are excellent for discord role-play sessions. You can control one or more bots and have each take on a specific name or avatar. And apart from that, can also be very helpful for debugging a bot problem or discovering how a bot is being used.

There are two kinds of bot account. There are the familiar bot accounts and there are so-called “webhook bots”. The former are more similar to regular accounts while webhook bots are more akin to a simple way for other services to pass data into discord.

A webhook bot is limited to a single channel. It can’t read messages at all. It can only post in a single channel by issuing a HTTPS request to the discord servers. They are created with the channel specific Manage webhooks permission. Once it is created you get a url. Webhook bots are controlled using this url. Bot accounts are controlled using a token. For the most part webhook bots look like real bots.

  • Webhook bots don’t have a proper discriminator and can’t be mentioned (Webhook bots can’t read messages so they would never be notified about a mention anyway)
  • Webhook bots also have a different profile if you click on their name
  • It is not possible to start a PM session with them
  • Webhook bots don’t show up in the user list

Apart from these points they look similar to regular bots. They have access to all discord markdown and can post images (something which is not implemented for regular bots on Both are suitable for role-playing or putting on a play.

Regular bot accounts are created by going to the discord application page and belong to a discord application. Once created you need the Manage Server permission to invite them in a server.

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